Dear Diary

So, I was going through my old diaries recently and, well… I decided to blog about it. 🙂
I know most people can’t keep on top of a diary but I just always did. I have no idea how, it’s hard enough now for me to keep up with my Facebook. But, inside all my old diaries I found so many great things.

I found me.

Amazing, huh? I saw all my struggles, my dreams, my joys, and more.
But, I also discovered how far I’ve come.
I used to be a shy, wild girl.
And, in some ways I still am. But, not in the important ways (aka in my eyes).
This blog has brought me so far! I love it!

So, even though my diaries had nothing to do with who I am now, they still let me realize who I was 🙂

Okay, okay. Enough with the deep stuff 🙂

Well, I better go find a lock for my diaries before my sisters try and read them 😛

Bye! 😀

Oh, wait. Before, I go: I just made a twitter! Follow me? @frankan4620

Bye 😀



Okay. So, for those of you that don’t know; I LOVE pintrest! Their are so many inspiring things on there! Well, today I found this:


This is my favorite quote now! It’s so inspiring and so true!

We have the power to change the world, we’re amazing and awesome. Why should we let fear stop that?

Be funny, amazing, quirky, beautiful, etc. Why let anyone else restrict you?!

I’m serious. Just enjoy life.

Be you.



Hey guys! I’m finally back from camp!
I am shocked! I was looking through the comments and it’s wonderful to see such positive feedback! Thanks guys!
Well, I am super drained! 😦 Although, I had a great time at camp! Although, it was a 3 hour drive! Ugh!!!
Sorry this post is so short. I am worn out!!!!
Bye guys!

Happy 5th! :D

Okay, sorry I’m late but happy 4th of July (even though it’s the 5th!) I had an amazing 4th of July! And 5th!
My mom came today. yay! But, that’s a long story (sigh).
ANYWHO my life’s been very interesting lately 🙂
Okay, well, I finally made a look-book! Yay! Email me your looks at
Today’s post is about a new book I’m reading:


It’s great so far! I would definitely recommend it.
Well, I better go pin it on Pinterest! Bye!


Yay! It’s July! Hotter weather, watermelons, fireworks, blogging, and more! Ahh!

I’m so excited for July, it feels like a fresh beginning!

But, I’m mainly excited for…


On July 4th, here are the things I want to do:



Although I’ll probably never have such a huge pool!






HAve an Awe-mazing July!!!