Dear Diary

So, I was going through my old diaries recently and, well… I decided to blog about it. 🙂
I know most people can’t keep on top of a diary but I just always did. I have no idea how, it’s hard enough now for me to keep up with my Facebook. But, inside all my old diaries I found so many great things.

I found me.

Amazing, huh? I saw all my struggles, my dreams, my joys, and more.
But, I also discovered how far I’ve come.
I used to be a shy, wild girl.
And, in some ways I still am. But, not in the important ways (aka in my eyes).
This blog has brought me so far! I love it!

So, even though my diaries had nothing to do with who I am now, they still let me realize who I was 🙂

Okay, okay. Enough with the deep stuff 🙂

Well, I better go find a lock for my diaries before my sisters try and read them 😛

Bye! 😀

Oh, wait. Before, I go: I just made a twitter! Follow me? @frankan4620

Bye 😀


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