Hey guys! I’m finally back from camp!
I am shocked! I was looking through the comments and it’s wonderful to see such positive feedback! Thanks guys!
Well, I am super drained! 😦 Although, I had a great time at camp! Although, it was a 3 hour drive! Ugh!!!
Sorry this post is so short. I am worn out!!!!
Bye guys!



Hey guys!
I’m leaving for camp tomorrow! Yay! πŸ™‚ But, I won’t be able to post until I get back 😦
But I have good news. I finally created the fb page! Check it out!

Happy 5th! :D

Okay, sorry I’m late but happy 4th of July (even though it’s the 5th!) I had an amazing 4th of July! And 5th!
My mom came today. yay! But, that’s a long story (sigh).
ANYWHO my life’s been very interesting lately πŸ™‚
Okay, well, I finally made a look-book! Yay! Email me your looks at
Today’s post is about a new book I’m reading:


It’s great so far! I would definitely recommend it.
Well, I better go pin it on Pinterest! Bye!


Yay! It’s July! Hotter weather, watermelons, fireworks, blogging, and more! Ahh!

I’m so excited for July, it feels like a fresh beginning!

But, I’m mainly excited for…


On July 4th, here are the things I want to do:



Although I’ll probably never have such a huge pool!






HAve an Awe-mazing July!!!


Sweet Summer

Hey guys! Do you like the new header? Made it myself πŸ™‚

Okay, I’d like to say Happy Birthday (AGAIN!) to my friend, Morgan.

It seems like everyone’s going on vacation this Summer… except me 😦 But, I’m perfectly contempt with sitting here, blogging and exploring the wonderful world wide web πŸ˜€

But, I wouldn’t mind this:



What do I want to do this Summer? Hmmm I don’t really know. There’s so much to do and so little time…

Well, I guess I already KNOW what I’m doing this Summer and to tell the truth; it sounds fantastic! This has been a pretty sweet Summer!

Tomorrow I’m going to see the Wizard of Oz Summer Play (that I was supposed to audition for but wasn’t able to!). I’m super excited about that! I love all types of acting and watching it live is so thrilling! But, maybe it’s just my opinion. I don’t know. I love it nonetheless.

I have a huge Summer ahead of me and I wouldn’t trade it for anything! Not even this:




Happy Birthday to my wonderful mom, Jessica!! I love you!

Speaking of birthdays, if you could have anything for your birthday what would you get?

Here’s my wishlist (even though my birthday’s not till January!! πŸ˜› ) :


Haha! I wish! Gosh, IΒ NEED a laptop!!!








I want!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, although, I’ll probably never get any of those anytime soon, a girl can still dream…


My Bucket List

So bored, so bored, so bored!!!!
I have nothing to do!! 😦
So, I made a bucket list! πŸ™‚
Is it cool? Yes. πŸ˜€
Will I complete it? Probably not. 😦

My To-Do List/ Bucket List:

~Drive a Lamborghini or Ferrari
What?! Don’t tell me you don’t want to do that!!

~Get my fortune told by a palm-reader.
Yeah, I know. It’s all fake crap, but it’d be neat!!

~Learn how to speak Spanish FLUENTLY!!!
I know a lot, but I can’t speak it as well as Dora. πŸ˜€

~Write a novel.
I’m working on it…

~Get it published.

~Get a black belt in karate!
Don’t mess with me πŸ˜€

~Make this blog super popular!!!

Those are just a few things! Comment and tell me what you want to do before you die!



I am so WORN OUT!!!!!!! I had a friend over these past few days and I am SOOOOOOOO tired now!!!!
So, here are my plans for the day:
~Eat πŸ˜€
~And watch Twisted!!!!! I am so obsessed with that show! I couldn’t watch it last night because I decided to watch Dance Moms (best show ever!!). So, tonight I will watch it once more!!


It is ah-mazing!!!
So, what are you obsessed with?!

I prefer the last 1!
Well, gotta go!


Okay. I’ve been really busy lately. Everything has been very crazy. I guess that’s why I call it πŸ˜€
Well, ANYWHO for those of you keeping up with Forgotten, I’ve been very busy, so it’s a work in progress and I haven’t finished much of it. It’s harder to write than I thought, but I’m also working on other stories, too. So… I have been multi-tasking too much. It’s a really bad habit, trust me.
So, today I was trying to clean out my purse…
These are the things I found:
~A crumpled $5 bill——-Normal
~Some change————–Normal
~Tangled headphones——-Ehhh
~A bouncy ball from Incredible Pizza—Not so much

That’s as about as weird my purse gets. But, here’s some stuff other people (found on have in their purse:

Kaitlyn says:
sun flower seeds, hand sanitizer, vaseline, the hearts of men…

Adam says:
strangest things I have seen:

– an xbox 360 controller
– another purse
– a can of compressed air

Jane says:
2 personal pan pizzas. (HA! That made me laugh!)

Daniel says:
I was at a taco bell with my brother and cousin a few years back and these two “healthy ” came in.
Girl #1 “are you going to get anything?”
Girl #2 “no, i’m not really hungry.”
They sit down and girl #2 pulls out a package of craft singles and started eating them….

Eric says:
My ex-gf carried a vial of my blood in her purse. I had a lock of her hair in my wallet.

Okay, what’s the craziest thing you or someone you know has in their purse?!



Okay, so the price of that very beautiful purse is over $1000 dollars!!!! I guess it figures cuz it’s new and Louis Vuitton but still!!! (Sigh) A girl can dream πŸ˜›
Gosh! A thousand dollars is a lot of money! What would you do with a thousand dollars?!

I know what I would do! I’d buy a laptop and an Android and donate the rest to charity and my church. Ahhh!
I wanna be a billionare! So freaking bad…