Happy Birthday to Me!



Yikes, its cold down here in Indiana.  But, with freezing weather comes no school… Anddd (drumroll) my birthday! (:  So, since I didn’t wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, I figured you guys could wish me a Happy Birthday!  My mind works in strange ways…

Well, what’d you guys get for Christmas?!  Okay, don’t judge me for taking this as a brag moment but you know I must. (:
I got:
*A new tablet
*A hair straightener
*A darling sweater that I’ve only taken a million photos in
*And various other things that I will probably only use once then re-gift next year.

But, seriously.  We all know the only thing better than January and its bitter cold weather is Tuesdays.  Why, you ask?  Duhhh.  Dance Moms back-to-back reruns and new episodes.  Watching Abby Lee and Kelly go at it never gets old.  Never.

It really is the most wonderful time of the year.

Can you guys believe we’re a week into 2014?  It’s been a whole year since I broke my last resolutions. *Sigh* Time flies.



I Sigh

Well, today is one of those days. 

You know what it’s like to just wanna sit in your room and just sigh/cry/sleep.  Even the littlest thing can set you off or kill your day.  Maybe school is getting so stressful.  Or maybe it’s your ex-step-brother’s birthday and you can’t see him and tell him you miss him and you don’t know if his stupid father will get him anything!


But, the worst part is the things you can’t control.  Like the people around you, silently judging.  You just want to scream.

And not to mention I got into a huge fight with my Pre-Algebra teacher and got sent to the office!


But, I think I’ve vented enough for one day.  So, I’ll end this slightly depressing blog post with a picture.