Happy Birthday to Me!



Yikes, its cold down here in Indiana.  But, with freezing weather comes no school… Anddd (drumroll) my birthday! (:  So, since I didn’t wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, I figured you guys could wish me a Happy Birthday!  My mind works in strange ways…

Well, what’d you guys get for Christmas?!  Okay, don’t judge me for taking this as a brag moment but you know I must. (:
I got:
*A new tablet
*A hair straightener
*A darling sweater that I’ve only taken a million photos in
*And various other things that I will probably only use once then re-gift next year.

But, seriously.  We all know the only thing better than January and its bitter cold weather is Tuesdays.  Why, you ask?  Duhhh.  Dance Moms back-to-back reruns and new episodes.  Watching Abby Lee and Kelly go at it never gets old.  Never.

It really is the most wonderful time of the year.

Can you guys believe we’re a week into 2014?  It’s been a whole year since I broke my last resolutions. *Sigh* Time flies.



My Interview with Justina Sharp


Okay, for those of you that don’t know; I am totally obsessed with Justina Sharp’s blog http://www.abentpieceofwire.blogspot.com Seriously, I love it. 

Soooo, I decided to get ahold of her.  And, I was lucky enough to interview her!

*Screams and giggles wildly*

So, check it out; ↓↓♥↓↓

Me:  What do you think is your favorite fashion blog?

Justina: Babewalker.com and elliesfavoritethings.blogspot.co.uk Hands down.

Me:   What inspired you to be a fashion blogger?

Justina:  It was actually a challenge.  I read an article about Tavi in Harpers Bazaar and I thought, “I can do THAT!” So I did.

Me:  How long have you been blogging?

Justina:  Three years this past November!

Me:  What do you think made your blog so popular? (I heard about it in Teen Vogue.)

Justina:  I’m not entirely sure.  I feel like I’m a lot more relatable than other bloggers, maybe?  I’m just very myself all the time.

Me:  What do you think is the best Winter outfit?

Justina:  Skinny jeans and a giant cozy sweater.  It’s so comfortable but also so pulled together; and best of all>>> warmmm.

Me:  What experience do you think was your favorite this year?

Justina:  Oh, gosh.  I had so many of them.  Doing the photoshoot with Disney Channel was amazing.  It was something I never saw coming and was definitely one of my top 10 life experiences.

Me:  How do you plan on kick-starting 2014?

Justina:  I already have a lot planned from a few trips to L.A. to some more widespread travel.  I’m just really looking forward to seeing where everything goes.  I’ve never been a “super-planner” but that’s always worked out pretty well for me. *Laughs*  I can promise you that it’s going to be pretty awesome, though!

Me:  Do you have any New Year’s Resolutions?

Justina:  Yea, only one though.  I want to do everything with a bang.  I want it glitterier, flashier, and better than 2013.

Me:  Is your family supportive of all of this?

Justina:  Yes, very.  At first they thought it was just a phase, but yea.  My brother even takes photos for my blog.

Me:  What would you tell your younger self?

Justina:  Don’t stop, it’s worth it in the end.  I’ve made a lot of strange choices in my life that brought me where I am now.  I secondguessed at first but I regret nothing.


Tis The Season!


Hey everyone!
Merry Christmas! 

What’s at the top of your wishlist this year?  A killer pair of shoes? A new pair of jeans? The best part of Christmas is imagining all the gifts underneath the tree and that wonderful feeling you get when you unwrap the perfect gift.  Now, imagine yourself giving someone else that feeling.  A few days ago me and my grandmother were stuck in a long line at the drive-through of Dairy Queen when the man in front of us payed for him and all the cars behind him.  Even though it wasn’t a huge gesture, it still was beautiful in it’s right.  That’s what Christmas should be, don’t ya think?

But anyway,
I passed all my finals!!  Trust me, I’ve been studying 24/7 and I totally deserved that A!

Now on a even higher note;
I’ve decided to get a jump start on 2014 by *drumroll please* starting a new blog!  Check it out at http://www.classylikemassie.wordpress.com !