Tis The Season!


Hey everyone!
Merry Christmas! 

What’s at the top of your wishlist this year?  A killer pair of shoes? A new pair of jeans? The best part of Christmas is imagining all the gifts underneath the tree and that wonderful feeling you get when you unwrap the perfect gift.  Now, imagine yourself giving someone else that feeling.  A few days ago me and my grandmother were stuck in a long line at the drive-through of Dairy Queen when the man in front of us payed for him and all the cars behind him.  Even though it wasn’t a huge gesture, it still was beautiful in it’s right.  That’s what Christmas should be, don’t ya think?

But anyway,
I passed all my finals!!  Trust me, I’ve been studying 24/7 and I totally deserved that A!

Now on a even higher note;
I’ve decided to get a jump start on 2014 by *drumroll please* starting a new blog!  Check it out at http://www.classylikemassie.wordpress.com !